Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Breaking News: Mom makes $379/day Working From Home

SUN VALLEY, Idaho - Is working from home the next gold rush?
For Katie Jenkins it sure is. Katie, a mother from Orlando, Florida is thriving, in the middle of an economic recession working in the comfort of her own home.
"I earn on average about $25 for every link I post on Google and I make around $8,700 a month right now" says Jenkins.
But Katie’s life wasn’t always so prosperous. Her recent employer, a well-known insurance agency, did some downsizing and let her go.
Her husband James now became their only source of income, which they both knew they couldn’t live on. That is why Katie took the job at the insurance agency to begin with. They needed extra money and they needed it fast.
Katie’s family had 2 choices. She could either look for another job in her industry (but in these tough economic times, she knew that was a long shot.) Or her husband could take night classes and try to get a promotion at work. But that too would take too much time. And where would they get the money for school?
Katie says, “I was in tears one Saturday night because things were getting tough and we couldn’t even afford to take the kids out to dinner like we do every Saturday night. The kids asked why we weren’t going out and we had to try and explain to them that times were tough. I don’t think they understood. That’s when I knew I had to take matters into my own hands and find a solution for my family.”
That’s when Katie found an advert for Online Income Solution.

"I read the ad, and at first I was skeptical because they said you will get paid over $300 a day and that seemed like a lot of money to me. But I suspended my disbelief and got started."
She started making money right away and she got her first week’s paycheck of $2,100.
“This was more money than I used to make in a month,” Katie adds.
Online Income Solution is a risk free course that can teach anyone, regardless of computer skill level to start making money online.
For those who have seen the “make money online scams” Katie warns that, while they do exist, Online Income Solution is one of the only ones she found that is backed and uses a $billion dollar publicly traded company, like Google.
Katie shared her tips for how she got started. Following the simple steps below is all you need to do to get started:
Step 1: Go to Online Income Solution, fill out the basic form to see if they have positions available in your area.
Step 2: Follow the directions on Online Income Solution that shows you how to and set up a Google account. Then they will give you the website links to post. Start posting those website links. The system tracks everything.
"I really hope people take advantage of this, its good to finally see someone using a large company to make money online and help people like me" says Jenkins
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Monday, 7 November 2011

Shahrukh’s ‘Om Shanti Om’ upset Manoj Kumar

The legendary actor who pulled the film’s makers to court

Shortly after the release of Om Shanti Om, the makers found themselves in a pickle. The blockbuster had managed to miff Manoj Kumar. The legendary actor wasn’t happy with the way he was spoofed in the film. If you’ve missed the movie and are wondering what the fuss was about, catch it on YouTube Boxoffice. Om Shanti Om is a movie that tried to re-create the filminess of the ’70s, including styles of all the yesteryear actors. One of them happened to be Manoj Kumar, and his signature style of covering his face while reciting his dialogue. While people do relate the actor to his style, Manoj Kumar was annoyed by the way it was portrayed in the movie. So, he filed a case against the makers. On hearing this, Farah Khan and Shahrukh Khan rushed to meet Mr Kumar and make amends. But the matter was put to rest only when Manoj Kumar got a court to order the producers to delete the objectionable scene before the film’s satellite screening. Sigh! Om Shanti Om was surely full of nautanki (drama) off screen too.Click here to read more

Happy Birthday, Kamal Haasan!

He is a legend and a star with talents galore. Kamal Haasan was born into Tamil films but is a household name in Hindi, Malayalam and the Telugu film industry as well

As the actor turns 57 today, we take the opportunity to wish him a great birthday and take you through some of his memorable performances over the years. After more than 50 years in the film industry, Kamal Haasan has not only proved himself as an actor but has also spread his expertise into script writing, singing, direction, choreography and production. He started his film career as a four-year-old child artiste in Kalathur Kannamma and won the National Award for his performance. Since then, the actor has won four national awards and has a record of winning nineteen Filmfare awards across five languages. Haasan made his Bollywood debut with Ek Duuje Ke Liye which is termed as a classic today. His performance in the south remake Sadma won him accolades from both critics and audience. He also gave an outstanding performance in the silent black comedy, Pushpak. The actor stepped into direction with Chachi 420 which was inspired from the Hollywood flick, Mrs Doubtfire. He continues his relationship with the Indian film industry as he keeps experimenting with his looks and talent. At present, Haasan is busy planning his magnum opus, Viswaroopam, in which he is not only acting but is directing as well. The Dasavatharam actor is an inspiration for many upcoming actors and is admired by his contemporaries. We take the opportunity to wish the actor a great year ahead and continue his brilliant work. Send in your special birthday wishes here…

Hazare overestimating Jan Lokpal Bill: Digvijay

New Delhi: Anna Hazare on Monday, was again the host of Congress leaders Digvijay Singh, Gandhi had "overestimated" Jan Lokpal Bill, and only in passing the law does not help anyone.

"I think it is over-estimated in January Lokpal Bill.

Corruption can only be removed by complete government, bureaucracy and judiciary together so that it can be tackled at all levels. Only in passing the law does not help anyone. Corruption can not be removed from the Lokpal, "Singh said.

The General also recalled that Congress Hazar AICC president Sonia Gandhi has promised a strong Lokpal long before he takes questions Lokpal.

"The Congress had promised Lokpal the long campaign before Hazare went on stage. Long before Hazare, Sonia Gandhi, Delhi AICC session was promised a strong Lokpal. The National Council called Aruna Roy and Harsh Mander to draw up a bill," Singh said.

Hazare on Monday said that those threatened by the movement Lokpal attacking his supporters and close aides and his team trying to break. "They fear that their political career is at risk if a mechanism of strong Lokpal entry into force," he told reporters at home in the village of Ralegaon Sidhi.

Singh, however, rejected the opposition to ask "Who is the opposite Lokpal" What is the leader of government or a political party rather than Lokpal. "He added:" If Anna says that leaders are opposed to Lokpal, then should the name of the leader or political parties. "

In opposition to the government to maintain separate accounts Hazare to fight corruption in public life, Mr. Singh said, "If a law is passed or be left to the Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha and the Standing Committee. To say that say is not the right way. "

It's time Sachin Tendulkar makes way for Generation Next

By Golandaaz

There is a lot India has to do in Test cricket just to stay in the same place - both figuratively and ranking-wise - starting with the home Test series against the West Indies.

The players may say all the right things when it comes to Test cricket, but the priorities on display by everyone directly involved with the game, tell a different story. Except England, every country is managing Test cricket as if it’s a demising proposition.

However, the most compelling cricket in recent weeks has been in the Test matches between Sri Lanka and Pakistan, Bangladesh and West Indies and to some extent between New Zealand and Zimbabwe. That, of course, is a matter of opinion. A matter of dwindling opinion, I might add.

So while the administrators are busy dressing up the game with new formats, chasing new money and new audiences, traditional cricket fans are starved for meaningful, contextual cricket. Since the 1983 World Cup, there have been seven more World Cups, three of them hosted by India. In the same period, West Indies have visited India only three times. It’s lamentable. But as a fan, I will lap up whatever is on offer.

Test cricket is living off the money made by circus cricket, but those formats are slaves to television executives. Test cricket, on the other hand, has been relatively untouched by modern theatrics and a India vs West Indies Test series is certainly worth the wait.

India has mortgaged their Test status and ranking in the pursuit of making the Indian Premier League (IPL) and Champions League viable. Their Test cricket outfit is in disarray. A situation brought on by design. Design driven in turn by the so called "market needs". But not all of India's frailties in the Test arena are due to constraining priorities. There is clearly a lack of talent. There is a dearth of good bowlers - both fast and spin. They haven't transitioned from the Sourav Ganguly era as far as batting is concerned. Flirting with overs-limit stars, hey have wasted many Test matches on Yuvraj Singh and Suresh Raina, when it is clear neither has the acumen to be Test class batsmen.

Then there is Sachin Tendulkar who is holding on to his place because he can. That he can still score centuries should neither be a surprise nor a justification not to call for his retirement. The question is are we giving Virat Kohli, Rohit Sharma and Cheteshwar Pujara time to learn to score 100s like Tendulkar. Dilip Vengsarkar gave Sachin Tendulkar an early start. Tendulkar, on his part, is not similarly inclined. He will play for himself for a few Test matches more, get all sorts of personal milestones and leave when it suits him.

Tendulkar's failure to want to win in the West Indies, preferring to flirt with Roger Federer instead, and his failure in England, ought to be triggers that call for his retirement. In a way, he is a liability to the team, from the standpoint that he is preventing a younger man from getting time to make a mark. He himself was given that when he was 16, but he is far too self-consuming and self-absorbed to return the favor. This series would have been ideal for India to move on from the Sachin Tendulkar era.

On the other hand, a century from him at the Kotla will make the fans come back to the stadium. For the short term it may be good for Test cricket, but I believe the first Test at the Kotla will be Tendulkar's first Test that is one too many.

Coming off a World Cup finals loss to India in 1983, the West Indies had sent their fiercest team to India the same year. That ‘83 series remains the one of the best cricket a visiting team has played in India ever. India along with Australia are traditionally most formidable at home and India have not lost a series at home in more than seven years. This West Indies team, however, if they attack well, can emulate the 1983 team with a surprise Test win. In a short series that may be enough.

India's batting will start slow but will eventually come good in the series to draw Test matches, but it is the West Indies that have the bowling attack to put India into early trouble. If the West Indian batsman can learn to grind their way to 500+ scores, then I believe they have bowlers to spring a surprise and force a win and the series on the basis of that win.

And if India does lose, they ought to take a young Tendulkar-less side to Australia.